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What Does Driveaway Price Mean?

what does drive away price include

The driveaway price is the total cost of purchasing a car, encompassing everything needed to legally drive it off the lot, such as taxes, fees, and sometimes even insurance or registration expenses.

What Does Drive Away Price Include

When you’re eyeing that new car on the lot, the price tag might say “driveaway,” but what does that include? 

Let’s take a friendly dive into what this term means and why it matters when you’re ready to hit the road on your new wheels.

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Unpacking Driveaway Price: More Than Just the Car’s Tag

So, what’s included in that ‘driveaway’ price you see at the dealership? Let’s break it down:

1. Stamp Duty: The State’s Share

Ever wondered why cars have different taxes in different places? That’s stamp duty! It’s like a tax you pay when buying a car.

It changes depending on where you’re registering your new ride.

2. Luxury Car Tax (LCT): For Pricier Picks

If your car’s a bit of a splurge, you might face a luxury car tax. 

It’s an extra tax for cars above a certain price, and it can add a substantial chunk to the bill.

3. Dealer Delivery: Beyond Just Driving It In

The ‘dealer delivery’ charge covers more than just bringing your new car in.

It’s for things like cleaning it up, making sure everything works perfectly, and all those little final touches.

4. Registration and Compulsory Insurance: Must-Haves for the Road

Before you drive off with your new set of wheels, you’ve got to register it and get insurance. 

Some states include this compulsory insurance in the registration cost.

What’s Not in the ‘Driveaway’ Deal?

1. Comprehensive Insurance: Extra Shield for Your Ride

While ‘driveaway’ sounds like it covers everything, it doesn’t include comprehensive insurance. 

Think of it like an extra shield for your car if something unexpected happens.

2. Additional Considerations: Fuel and Ongoing Costs

There are other things to consider too, like making sure there’s enough fuel in the tank and thinking ahead about things like upcoming registration fees and regular servicing.

Why Understanding Driveaway Price Matters

Knowing what’s included in the ‘driveaway’ price helps you make smarter decisions when buying a car. 

It’s about being prepared for those extra costs that can sneak up on you later.

Wrap-Up: Making Smart Car Choices

So, the next time you see ‘driveaway‘ on that shiny new car, remember it’s not just about the sticker price. 

It’s about being aware of what’s covered and what’s not, empowering you to make the best choice for your new wheels!

Buying a car is exciting, but being informed about all the costs involved makes it a smooth ride from the showroom to the open road.

Final Thoughts: Driving Home the Point

When you spot a ‘driveaway’ deal, remember it’s more than just a number on the tag. It’s about comprehending what’s included and what’s not, allowing you to navigate the car-buying journey with clarity and confidence.