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How to Transfer Car Registration In NSW

How to Transfer Car Registration in NSW

It’s so much more than just the vehicle itself when it comes to car ownership, and that’s also true when it comes to selling a car.

Additionally, you should take into consideration cost-recurring items like insurance and tolls once the vehicle has been handed over to the new owner.

If you sell or gift a car to someone else, it must be registered as well. Unregistered cars can’t be driven on NSW roads, so registering your car is a crucial part of the process.

Both parties are responsible for ensuring that registration is done correctly and successfully, whether they are the seller or the buyer.

It has never been easier to manage car registration in NSW. With a few simple steps, you can complete this crucial step of the sale.

Car registration – what is it?

It is fairly common knowledge that all car owners must register their vehicles with their state. If this is your first car, you may not be familiar with this process.

A pre-registration inspection is required to ensure that the car is roadworthy before it is allowed on the road, this helps in the event of a collision or illegal driving.

It is possible to sell and bring unregistered cars into NSW, but if you plan to drive them on the road, you must register them yourself.

So, how do you transfer your rego?

Registering online or in person is possible.

Transferring registrations online:

It is possible to transfer online within 14 days after the sale through the NSW TMR website.

To initiate the transfer process, the seller must apply and provide the relevant details of both parties.

You’ll need:

  • Number of driver’s licenses
  • Proof of residence in NSW
  • Certificate of Safety for cars
  • Value of a dutiable car
  • Reading an odometer
  • Use of a car

There is a small fee associated with this process, which may be paid by either party or both. After the process is completed through the TMR website, a confirmation will be sent.

An in-person registration transfer can be made as follows:

A transfer can also be completed at your nearest Main Roads office by filling out two forms and submitting the required documentation.

All documentation and confirmations should be kept regardless of how the transfer is made.

What is the cost of transferring your gut?

It will cost you just under $30 to transfer your car registration in NSW.

To ensure the original owner will not be charged once the sale has been completed, it’s important to charge a new credit card with any recurring fees.

Transferring your car registration means changing ownership in NSW?

In NSW, there is no process for claiming ownership of a vehicle. Registration enables you to register a vehicle with your address and identifies you to the government.

Cars must be registered to one name when they are sold or purchased, so the state knows who owns them.

Does the sale of your car require any additional transfers?

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As long as you possess the relevant documentation, selling your car should be simple. Find out more about what you need to sell your car.

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