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How to sell a car with bad transmission in Sydney

transparent car with visible bad transmission

What is meant by “bad transmission”? A vehicle’s transmission system failing or malfunctioning is referred to as having a bad transmission. The gearbox controls the gear ratio for effective and smooth operation and transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. If ignored, a damaged gearbox can compromise the performance and efficiency of the vehicle and […]

Car Removal Process For Selling Your Car In Sydney NSW

Tow truck removing car in Sydney NSW

Are you looking to sell your car but don’t know where to start? You may be feeling overwhelmed with the whole process of selling a vehicle, but it doesn’t have to be stressful because Cash For Cars NSW is here for you. Selling your car in Sydney can be an intimidating and difficult process. With […]

How To Calculate The Value Of Your Car?

calculate the value of your car

In today’s volatile car market, before selling your vehicle, it’s very important to know the value of your car. Whether you want to trade your car, to a third party, or fill an insurance claim, knowing your vehicle’s worth is the starting and the most crucial point. Knowing the value of your car is especially important […]